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About Us


Our mission is to encourage caregivers in our community to create the time in their lives to also care for themselves. So often, we, as mothers, fathers, dear friends or professionals, spend all of our time and energy making sure the ones we love and care for are tended to. It is important to remember that in order to better care for those around us, we must care for ourselves. That is why we are passionate about the art of self-care. All of our products are handcrafted so that every once is packed with the most pure and powerful ingredients to give your skin and mind the care it deserves.

All products are human tested by friends and family.

Meet the Maker


Corina Vitale, a native Northern Californian, started Oak & Bee so that she could have a platform to reach out to people in her community and encourage practicing the art of self-care. With her strong interest in holistic health and her passion for staying pure and natural, her goal is to create products that inspire indulgence while nourishing body. Staying away from skin-damaging chemicals and detergents, she seeks out ingredients that give to the skin rather than takes away.


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